Rebuilding compactor saves money and resources for Florida landfill


Courtesy of Waste Advantage Magazine

Working with the local Caterpillar® dealer, the Volusia County, FL Recycling and Solid Waste Division has conserved money and resources by rebuilding its 836G compactor for a third life at the Tomoka Landfill. Ring Power, the Cat® dealer in northern and central Florida, performed the two rebuilds and maintains a close watch on the compactor as part of a Total Maintenance and Repair (TM&R) Contract with the county.

Maintaining Good Uptime
Robert Gilmore, Operations Manager of the Fleet Management Division for Volusia County, is responsible for 2,250 vehicles and pieces of equipment. Included in that total are production machines such as track-type tractors and landfill compactors that work the face of the landfill and are critical to daily operations.

“With managing a fleet of this size, having five shops throughout the county and handling all repair requests, we are constantly looking for ways to maintain good uptime on these machines, especially critical machines,” Gilmore explained. One machine in particular demonstrates the team effort between Volusia County and Ring Power by achieving maximum uptime while keeping costs low.

In February 2002, a new Cat 836G landfill compactor, coming off of Caterpillar field-testing with approximately 175 hours, was delivered to Volusia County’s Tomoka landfill southwest of Daytona Beach. Volusia County previously had been running Cat 826G landfill compactors, but managers opted to upsize the machine to improve production at the working face.

“When we delivered this machine, we understood that Volusia did not have an extra machine to rely on. So we worked with them to develop a complete Total Maintenance and Repair Contract (TM&R) specific to their needs,” said Mitch Dansby, Product Support Sales Representative for Ring Power.

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