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Recent advances in configurations in spatial structures

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This paper presents a summary of the author's recent work on the configuration of spatial structures. To better satisfy architecture and engineering requirements, the paper introduces a technique of reconstructing freestyle 3D objects with grid space structures. With this technique, irregular and complex configurations can be easily modelled, which has a great potential in modelling of sculptures and bionic structures. Then several new types of deployable structures, which are based on linkage mechanisms including Bricard linkages and double chain linkages, are proposed. The kinetic behaviour of these deployable structures is investigated by geometrical analysis. And their possible applications in retractable roofs are also explored. Meanwhile, the paper proposes a practical application of structures with changeable configurations - a novelty erection technology based on expandable mechanisms. Finally, the paper presents some new advances in form-finding of tensegrity structures and shape control of tensegrity structures.

Keywords: reconstruction, freestyle shapes, deployable structures, linkage mechanisms, kinetic analysis, spatial structures, structural engineering, grid space structures, modelling, sculptures, bionic structures, retractable roofs, changeable configurations, expandable mechanisms, form finding, tensegrity structures, shape control

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