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Hanby Field Test Kits continue to lead the way in environmental assessment for marine and land petroleum clean-up projects. Entrix, the primary environmental consultant for BP for the recent Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf, employed the Hanby water test in hundreds of water column analyses they performed offshore. These analyses enabled clean-up and skimming vessels to rapidly determine oil concentrations at depth.

H.E.L.P., INC. donated a kit to aid in the efforts by Dr. Ed Overton and Dr. Ralph Portier of LSU to assess the damage on the Louisiana marshland. A sample of the actual Deepwater Horizon crude oil (MC252) was obtained from Dr. Overton and calibration photos (see photo at right) were prepared by H.E.L.P., INC.

Water kits were also used by Dr. Patrick H. Rice, Dean of Marine Science and Technology at the Florida Keys Community College to assess water column in the south Florida area.

More remediation projects are being monitored for effectiveness by the Hanby Field Kits. The ability to rapidly and accurately determine progress of various remediation technologies is ideal for low-cost, precise analysis of large numbers of soil samples.

Crude Oil Test Results 7-4-2010

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