Recochem Inc., Quebec Case Study


Courtesy of H2O Innovation

Recochem Inc., an international company based in Montreal, manufactures, packages, and distributes a vast range of chemicals for retail chain stores and the commercial market. Because of the continuing growth of the Company's sales, the Montreal plant decided to acquire a more effective water treatment system, in order to increase production of the demineralized water required for the chemicals it manufactures, and to replace its existing equipment, which had become outdated and expensive to operate.

An OMEGA 8BW reverse osmosis system from H2O Innovation , put into operation in the summer of 2002, now allows Recochem to maintain maximum production capacity of demineralized water 24 hours a day, even when the water is cold. The OMEGA 8BW membrane processing system, which draws its water from the Montreal municipal system, had an initial capacity of 57,600 gallons per day.

The innovative design principles of the OMEGA reverse osmosis system have enabled Recochem to continue to expand. In fact, over the last few years, the installation of two additional membranes has increased production capacity by 30%, to reach 74,880 gallons per day.

Treatment Line
Water is taken directly from the city's drinking water system; it is first sent for addition of antiscaling and chloride inhibitors, on the main treatment system platform. The water is then pumped under pressure through the OMEGA system, which consists of four tanks each containing two reverse osmosis Filmtec membranes. A washing tank is also included in the system, to clean the OMEGA's membranes and thereby increase their useful lives.

By providing a compact water treatment system for industrial processes that has low operating costs, a long lifetime, and is controlled by an automatic programmable central system, H2O Innovation ensures that Recochem can maintain the high quality of its production for many years to come.

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