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Recovering Hydrocarbons from Fracking Wastewater


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Throughout the past few years, organizations involved in the oil and gas industry's hydraulic fracturing wastewater business have learned that employing efficient, low-maintenance oil skimming technology can bring sustained improvements to the bottom line.

Facilities treating hydraulic fracturing wastewater for permanent disposal into underground injection wells have found that oil skimming can be a highly reliable and cost-effective solution for recovering oil found in the wastewater. In recent examples, within 2 to 3 months of using oil skimming technology, wastewater disposal companies in Texas, West Virginia and Ohio, have added monthly profits of $3,000 to $18,000 by selling the recovered oil, generating an excellent return on investment (ROl).

Oil skimming has a long, trusted history serving the oil and gas industry. It reduces operational costs, generates new revenue streams and delivers a terrific ROI and a fast payback.

'This white paper offers a brief overview of hydraulic fracturing, outlines opportunities for hydrocarbon recovery from hydraulic fracturing wastewater, and examines oil skimming as a beneficial solution for wastewater disposal facilities.

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