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Recovery of lead from bullet berms on shooting ranges using Ekokem`s method - Case Study


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Ekokem has developed a method by which it is able to separate bullets from berm soil. The method used for separation is based on the electromagnetic properties of lead and on sensor technology.

A considerable number of bullets accumulate on shooting ranges every year. It is important to remove them from outdoor shooting ranges as the lead they contain can leach into the soil, where it constitutes a risk to humans and the environment.

Up until now, contaminated soils have been excavated and transported to treatment facilities or for disposal. Ekokem's mobile treatment equipment enables bullets to be separated directly on site at the shooting range to be cleaned up.

Elements recovered from bullets can be recycled. The metals end up in European processing plants and, through these, as raw material for industry.

There are shooting ranges throughout Finland and, according to the Finnish Environment Institute, the number of outdoor shooting ranges totals approximately 800. In terms of volume, the largest and most frequently used ranges are those of the Finnish Defence Forces.

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