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Recovery of Lead From Waste Battery Paste

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As a part of our initiatives to obtain lead from waste battery paste, thereby attempting the dual gain of pollution control as well as resource recovery, extensive studies were conducted of which the gist is presented in this paper.An electrolytic method was employed in which the lead paste was suspended in sodium hydroxide as electrolyte. Effect of several parameters : current density, temperature, time, lead ion concentration, sodium hydroxide concentration, agitated bath, and cathode material on the cathode potential, current efficiency, and nature of deposits, was studied. The possible reasons for the observed effects were also studied on the basis of which a mechanism for lead deposition has been elucidated.The optimum conditions for lead recovery were found to be : temperature 60 o C, current density 7A/dm 2 , concentration of sodium hydroxide 600 g/liter, time of electrolysis 120 min.

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