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Courtesy of Epcon Industrial Systems, LP

Epcon has extensive experience in designing and building Thermal Oxidizers for Engine Cell Testing.

The Problem

A major Boat Engine manufacturer needed to lower emissions from engine cell testing. All motors, whether automobile or boat, are Pre-Tested for several hours prior to shipping. The emissions from these Engine Cells are mostly Carbon Monoxide and unburned fuel, with particulate. The company went out seeking the technical solutions and went to several manufacturers to locate the best possible technology.

The Process

Testing is conducted with fuel-rich conditions, where a large amount of unburned fuel and particulate are exhausted, but at the same time the objective was to have as minimum fuel consumption as possible. Epcon has built several systems for Boat Manufacturers and each application has to be analyzed carefully for the specific particulate and for the CO.

The Solution

Epcon evaluated several technologies. A catalytic oxidizer, which the company used to have, but was not very happy with its performance, was considered. They had problems with frequent replacement of the catalysts, including catalyst fouling and catalyst masking. Because of the technical superiority of the Recuperative Oxidizer, it made great sense to use Recuperative Oxidizers rather than RTO or Catalytic system and the Catalytic technology was eliminated.

The Benefits

On an ongoing basis, Epcon provides Preventive Maintenance Service to the customer and the system has been operating very successfully.

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