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When you think to yourself, must recycle Nokia 6230i, then you’re right, as it was a star phone in its day. 

It sat firmly in the mid range of Nokia’s product offering, being feature-rich and voice centric. It boasted a then impressive 1.3 megapixel camera and push-to-talk functionality. It originally shipped in the second quarter of 2005. 

A Nokia spokesman said at the time: 
'Nokia remains dedicated to offering consumers a variety of products to choose from, based on their individual needs and preferences. The Nokia 6230i is the successor to one of the most popular camera phones Nokia has brought to the marketplace. With the Nokia 6230i, we are offering a broader feature set in the same classic design. We made a great phone even better.'

At the time of its launch the Nokia 6230i was equipped with some impressive features, including a high-resolution screen (208 x 208 pixels) which was an ideal backdrop for rich multimedia content. It also had a video recorder function which allowed users to record videos of up to one hour, based on the storage of the external memory card. 

The Nokia 6230i also had a built-in stereo music player which supported several digital music formats, including MP3, M4A and AAC. Furthermore, it had an FM radio. 

Push-to-talk technology looked pretty cool at the time, as it allowed users of the phone to connect to others over GPRS, in the same way as using a walkie-talkie. 

To finish off an impressive and rounded product, Nokia 6230i was triband, meaning that you can use the phone on several different continents. When first launched, and without any contractual subsidies, the Nokia 6230i would have set you back some €350. 

And when its comes to recycle Nokia 6230i, you’re bound to get a decent return for it. 

Nokia is the world’s largest supplier of mobile phones with a market share of some 30%. Ironically, the Finnish based company struggles in one of the largest mobile phone markets out there, the U.S., although recent technology adoptions mean that might change over the coming years. 

Nokia bill themselves as a world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and sustainability of the broader mobility industry. It provides equipment, solutions and services for network operators and corporations. 

So when you think to yourself recycle Nokia 6230i, then do so, because it’s worth it.

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