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If you recycle Nokia N95, then you are doing everyone a favour

When it comes to accolades the Nokia N95 8GB won many, not least that it had the distinction of being the first ever mobile phone to receive Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certification.

For those that don’t know, the DLNA is a body which advocates the interoperability of wired and wireless consumer devices.

In other words, the Nokia N95 8GB was, and indeed still is, great at linking with other home electronic devices, such as a personal computers. 

For the mobile phone recycling fraternity, it will be a phone worthy of sorting out properly. 

The Finnish-based Nokia summed it up themselves with the immortal words:
“DLNA technology enables multi-vendor home ecosystems of consumer devices by building a common connectivity platform for a variety of multimedia experiences. This vision is fully in line with the Nokia's aspiration for openness and seamless interoperability between devices and services from different brands.”

Beat that. 

Anssi Vanioki, executive vice president, Markets, Nokia, added his own commendation:
'We are thrilled to receive this tribute from the DLNA. The Nokia N95 8GB is truly a masterpiece of a multimedia computer, and a prime example of the direction mobility is taking - it's personal, powerful and fits seamlessly into your life inside and outside the home.'

DNLA has more influence than you might possibly think. It produces stringent guidelines for interoperability and has already certified over 1800 products in the personal computer and consumer electronic categories. And the Nokia N95 8GB was the first to meet those guidelines. 

And the Nokia N95 8GB proudly sported the DLNA Certified logo, having passed their rigorous testing process.

It was in early 2006 that mobile devices were first included in the DLNA Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines.

Nokia is a big player behind the interoperability of mobile, PC, and consumer electronics devices, and is an active member of the DLNA. 

And the Nokia N95 8GB is no slouch, with a whopping eight gigabytes of built-in memory, allowing it to store a vast selection of media content, such as photograph and music files. 

So when it comes to mobile phone recycling, the Nokia N95 8GB is a prime candidate.



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