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Recycle Pallet Molding technology


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*Recycle Pallets Molds Design Analysis.When we received the customer Pallets design, we will gather all the related technical people to analysis the mold design first like demolding draft angle, strength, melt filling, deformation, thickness…and make mold flow analysis. After the design initially confirmed, we will have a technical meeting again to discuss all the plastic pallets molds developing technical point like mould structure, injection machine, tooling 

*Recycle Pallets Molds Design check When we designed the pallets moulds, the mold design  department will to have a technical meeting to recheck the design, to check the molds structure, molds movements, molds guidance, molds injection system, molds cooling system, etc.

*Recycle Pallets Molds Material Check When the pallets molds design approval, we will prepare the pallets molds material, and use high quality inspector to inspect the molds material quality, to make sure there is without crack or foreign material, and the material hardness,etc.

*Recycle Pallets Molds Machining quality control.For the pallets molds machining, we will make it through three step, first, rough tooling, 2nd, half precision milling, the last step is high speed tooling. In this way, we can make sure the tooling precision. 

*Recycle Pallets molds tooling measurement inspection.Ater molds tooling each step, we will use high quality inspector to inspect the machining precision, the approved components will continue machining at the next step, and the unapproved components will threw away or retooling. 

*Recycle Pallets Molds Inspection before shipment.After the customer approved the pallets samples, we will test the moulds again to run for 2 or 3 hours to make sure the molds will run in our customer factory without any problem. 
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