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Recycle/Reuse Based Effluent Treatment Plant - Textile Mills - Pakistan


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Setting trends in water resource management for Textile Waste Water Treatment with MBR Technology

W.O.G Group became the trend-setter in water resource management through 5.5 MLD recycle/reuse based effluent treatment plant.

  • Effluent treatment capacity: 2500 m3/day
  • Treated effluent quality: As per local discharge standards
  • Existing Treatment Scheme: Conventional aeration followed by clarification process
  • Results: COD < 200 ppm, BOD < 100 ppm
  • Generation of high amount of sludge


  • Effluent treatment capacity: 5500 m3/day; more than twice the previous capacity
  • Treated effluent quality: Treated effluent reusable directly into processes; resulting in less raw water costs
  • Existing Treatment Scheme: Comprises of intensive activated sludge processes with biomass separation stage carried out by tubular Ultra-filtration (UF) membranes located outside the MBR tank followed by hardness handling system and reverse osmosis system
  • Plant overall recovery over 94%
  • Results: COD < 10 ppm, BOD non-detectable
  • No generation of chemical sludge/chemical hazards as whole scheme is based on biological treatment

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