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After almost 80 years, the year of 2008 reminded us to go back and refer the history of worst recession. Opportunities were explored at that point of time to overcome the deteriorating economy and the same principle still holds good. Today the World is facing two major issues Global Warming & Global Recession. Both these children are from the same parents:  Need and Greed. It is also certain that for all around growth we can not reduce consumption and also there is a limitation on reuse due to technological changes and changing needs. Therefore, Ecoreco strongly believes that these problems can be tackled with more & more recycling of used items coming from all the streams of our day to day consumptions. The growing waste must be recycled to avoid further mining and thereby we may substantially address the problem of Global warming also.

To promote the concept of recycling, Ecoreco, which has just completed 1st year of its existence, engaged in the business of organised recycling of electrical & electronic waste in Bombay, India, had very recently launched an e-waste disposal week from 8th to 15th December, 2008 for creating greater awareness amongst one and all, whether they are manufacturers, Banks, Financial Institutions, BPO, Call Centers, Corporate, Government Departments, individuals, students, traders etc for safe recycling of their e-waste and secured destruction of data.

It was a very successful event and was taken as a welcome step by one and all; the event was given media coverage by the Economic Times and Radio Mirchi to attract attention of the users from all the walks of life. The event was blessed by Shri Ratnakar Gaikwadji, IAS, Commissioner MMRDA, Ms. Valsa R Nair Singh, IAS, Secretary, Environment, Government of Maharashtra and Shri Sanjay Khandareji, IAS, Member Secretary, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

We appeal to all the users to discard their old computers, printers, copiers, laptops, mobile phones, telecom equipments and all other electrical & electronic equipments for recycling in an environment friendly manner and make the surrounding greener with the help of authorised e-waste recycling facility of Ecoreco, the first fully compliant e-waste recycling facility in India. This is a great opportunity for all environmentally conscious and socially responsible citizens & corporate to deliver their part of contribution back to the society and to the environment. Let us deal with this Common Social Responsibility very responsibly.

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