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Courtesy of Tetronics (International) Limited

Swindon-based Tetronics specialises in a thermal processing system that treats hazardous waste at source. Geraldine Faulkner talks to CEO, Stephen Davies, to find out about the benefits the company’s plasma process can bring to waste management; especially when it comes to dealing with ‘difficult’ materials.

David Cameron is not the only person who is encouraging engagement with Europe; particularly when it comes to promoting UK technology. Stephen Davies, CEO of Swindon-based Tetronics, also sees possibilities across the channel.

“We’re finally starting to see some engagement in the UK and Europe in the way technology is being picked up” states the CEO.

Tetronics International is a specialist in the supply of direct current (DC) plasma arc systems. It is a thermal processing system which enables Tetronics to treat organic and inorganic hazardous and industrial wastes, transforming them into an inert, safe product called Plasmarok (pictured below), which is harmless to the environment and can be used as a building material, protecting human health and improving sustainability.

The technology can be used in a range of applications, including waste recovery, hazardous waste treatment, industrial waste treatment and metal recovery.

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