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0 is an online global trading network for recyclable materials. The website is unique because it allows an auction to take place directly between the seller of the recyclable material and those wanting to buy it, in a secure trustworthy environment. was co-founded in 2012 by Mark Baij, an experienced recyclinginvestment executive, and Noel Hanrahan, an investment banking/IT professional. They realised there was an opportunity to create a ‘closed loop’ system where those selling their waste would know exactly who they were supplying. The website allows trades between interested parties in a range of materials including paper and plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Mark, who is now Chief Executive of, says, “The global market for recyclable materials is worth $220 billion but it is a very fragmented market, with lots of intermediaries reducing efficiency and transparency. We wanted to take the third party aspect out of the process and establish a genuine and direct international relationship between the buyers and sellers.”

Secure Trading
Critical to the success of is the ability to store and transmit data securely from a UK-based dedicated server plus the round-the-clock visibility and availability of the trading website. has to be online 24 hours a day, seven days week because its members are connecting from different countries across different time zones. All this means that the choice of a dedicated hosting partner was one of the most important decisions the IT team had to make.

Noel Hanrahan, Chief Operating Officer of, says, “Chosing a server can be difficult because so many people like different models. For it really came down to the support offered behind the server and that was where RapidSwitch stood out. They were incredibly responsive and prepared to meet with us face to face. We liked the no-nonsense service they offered and were very impressed with their data centre facilities.

From RapidSwitch’s 1300 metre² data centre in Maidenhead, Berkshire, each server is connected to a regional and diverse dark fibre network operating at 10 Gigabits to deliver the ultimate in network performance. RapidSwitch is part of leading cloud company iomart Group plc and therefore is part of the Group’s genuinely national high speed fibre network that has been independently-rated as one of the fastest in the UK. has a dedicated server for its trading platform and a second server for internal communications, both of which sit behind a Cisco ASA security appliance to give complete control over access to the platform. RapidSwitch’s ISO27001 and 9001 accredited data centre facilities offer complete peace of mind over physical security around the platform, complementing the electronic security put in place by Above all else, has a hosting company that is happy to play an integral part in their business and help meet their needs as the platform grows.

Noel continues, “I need a hosting provider that communicates in nontechnical terms and responds quickly and efficiently. The RapidSwitch team speak my language, understand my business and have delivered 100 per cent uptime. They’re a great team and I would highly recommend them.”

The aim of Recycling. com is to contribute to the economic and environmental benefits that will come with the growth of the recycling industry - the more that value is generated for both sellers and buyers, the more materials will be recycled. Its founders believe that establishing more direct trading relationships between the collectors and sorters of materials and the end users is the best means to create this value and add transparency to the marketplace.

Transparency is a theme that also features in the approach of the team at RapidSwitch. Neil Christie, Commercial Director of RapidSwitch, concludes, “Our approach is to cut through the peripherals and focus on what’s really important to our clients. Noel and his team appreciated the transparent, upfront and honest advice we gave and that’s how we continue to build partnerships with and all our clients. Hosting isn’t a product, it’s a service and one that we tailor personally to every single customer of RapidSwitch.”

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