Recycling MRF with RDF production – Katowice, Poland - case study


Courtesy of REDWAVE a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder

The Municipal Company of Waste Management Ltd in Katowice provides a framework of service activities such as:

  • The collection and transport of waste
  • Selective collection and utilization of waste
  • Composting organic waste
  • All year round road maintenance
  • Automotive diagnostics

The requirements were to build a waste sorting plant on the basis of the existing composting and sorting plant located in Katowice. The input material is mixed dry household waste and selectively collected packaging material, i.e. plastics, metals, paper and cardboard.


  • The plant is designed according to the tender specification and has a maximum design capacity to sort 65,000 tonnes of mixed waste per year (on one 7 hours shift).
  • The plant includes five REDWAVE machines in three sorting steps.

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