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Recycling Nokia mobile phones could not be easier with zonzoo. By doing this you are not only getting cash for your old phone, but are also helping the environment and people in developing countries.

Nokia is the largest manufacturer of mobiles in the world; it produces millions of handsets every year and has a market share of over 30%. With so many devices in circulation at one time the need to safely and responsibly recycle Nokia mobile phones is very important for the environment.

zonzoo’s mobile phone recycling scheme enables you to quickly and easily get cash for old mobiles. It’s a simple process which basically involves you choosing your handset model, posting your handset to us for free and receiving your payment in to your bank account within a short amount of time. Some Nokia mobile phones can fetch well over £100, for example, you can recycle a Nokia N96 and get around £119 at the time of writing, so it’s well worth taking a look and seeing how much you can get for your phone.

Don't forget Recycling Nokia mobile phones is very important. But did you know the batteries which power your phone contain environmentally harmful substances such as lithium and arsenic. zonzoo provide a safe and responsible alternative to landfills and ensure the substances are safely disposed of. We make sure that no part of the phone is wasted and any useable parts are recycled. Also if the handset is in working order it will be shipped to people in third world countries. If like many other people you enjoy giving to charity you will pleased to hear that we give you the opportunity to donate 5% of the phones value to a charity of your choice.

Recycling your Nokia or any other mobile phone is a great way to help other people and the environment.



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