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Recycling of Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) sludge in iron and steel works

The recycling and utilisation of iron-bearing by-products such as dust, scale and sludge has been tried and is being practised in many iron and steel-making industries due to its associated benefits. However, the high moisture content of the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) sludge (35?40%) is a major obstacle in its recycling. The management of this waste has become an important issue due to ever-tightening environmental regulations. Cost of drying the sludge and the binders required to provide strength for making it suitable for recycling are the key issues for making the process economically attractive. The present paper looks into the different routes already tried and the status of recycling in India and abroad. The paper also discusses about the most suitable route for recycling of the sludge in iron and steel works and direction of the future work for making it economically more attractive.

Keywords: BOF sludge, basic oxygen furnaces, recycling, sinter, LD sludge utilisation, slurry, pelletisation, iron and steel works, waste management

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