Recycling of Pre-consumer Plastic Film

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Shred-Tech has developed a line of hydraulically driven shredding systems for the conditioning of plastic film for use as extruder feedstock.

The heart of the system is Shred-Tech's two-shaft, low speed, high torque shear shredder. Shred-Tech's line of two-shaft shredder models offers the same proven Shred-Tech shredder technology with a unique combination of cutting chamber designs and drive options. Shred-Tech engineers have designed the systems to provide a constant flow of size controlled shredded film without the use of screens or shaft reversal cycles. Constant flow minimizes the need for surge capacity and allows the extruder to operate efficiently at a steady state. The closed loop hydraulic drives used in these systems are ideal as they provide infinitely variable speed to keep the shredder running as long as possible. Another benefit is that the electric motor does not have to be continually starting and stopping with the shredder; the hydraulic pump simply shifts into the neutral position. This drastically lengthens the electric motor and contactor life and reduces electricity costs.

Shred-Tech has a wide range of model sizes available to match with the capacity and film infeed requirements. System infeed capabilities include bin dumpers for Gaylord boxes and carts, conveyors or roll feeders in any or all combinations. Bulk loading directly into the shredder is not a problem due to the high cutting forces and the robust design of the Shred-Tech shredder.

Shred-Tech shredders are resilient to tramp material such as steel. There is no need to sort through the boxes, carts or bundles of film prior to shredding. High- speed machines such as granulators are very vulnerable to damage by tramp metal. Our systems incorporate magnets after the shredder to trap any metal before the getting to the extruder. As a back up, metal detectors are positioned after the magnet to stop the infeed to the extruder in case the magnet does not pick up a piece of metal.

The need for dust collection is eliminated due to the slow speed of the shredder and the lack of airborne particulates typically generated by high-speed machines with screens. Another benefit of slow speed shredders is their low noise level.

In summary, Shred-Tech plastic film systems are ideal due to their robustness, versatility and low noise, dust, operating and maintenance costs.

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