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Recycling Options for Mixed Plastics in Automotive Shredder Residues

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Waste production (ASR) from shredding of automobiles is a major global problem. The current method of disposal via landfilling is unacceptable due to environmental concerns and high cost. This project focuses on the evaluation of competing technologies for recycling automotive shredder residues and in helping solve this industrial problem by analyzing feasible solutions for implementation. The options considered for this study included primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary recycling processes. A mixed suite of options were found to be suitable for the shredding plants we studied. A prime recommendation was that the shredder companies dismantle accessible parts for sale to downstream industries. A short to medium term option was to transport the remaining ASR to a cement kiln for integration with structural components and incineration. The incineration units in the cement industries possess need adequate scrubbing facilities. Techno-economic analyses were presented to the industries concerned for possible implementation.

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