Recyclone MH System to Reduce Particulate Matter from a coal or palm shell BFB Boiler Flue Gas below 150mg/Nm3 - Case Study


Courtesy of Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.

Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A. (ACS) designed and supplied a Mechanical Recyclone (Recyclone MH) for Basuki Pratama Engineering. Basuki, based in Pulogadung (Jakarta, Indonesia) is the Indonesian leading producer of non-polluting high efficiency steam boilers, as well as thermal oil heaters using fluidized bed combustor or chaingrate stoker.

The installed equipment was designed for a Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) biomass boiler burning coal or palm shell, based on availability. The end customer for the boiler and ReCyclone MH is a company operating in the laundry business responsible for the dry-cleaning of a hotel chain.

As the final client’s facility is located near Nusa Dua, a well known tourist resort, it was mandatory to maintain air quality in the region. Therefore, ACS was contacted to reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions from the boiler to under 150mg/Nm3 (Fig. 1).

Identifying the Problem and Solution

  • In order to reduce particulate matter from 5600mg/Nm3 to less than 150mg/Nm3, considering a design flow rate of 6972m3/h at 230ºC, ACS installed a Recyclone MH comprised of 4 Hurricane Cyclones and 4 mechanical recirculators.
  • The goal was to guarantee 150mg/Nm3 under PM Environmental Regulation imposed by the Indonesian authority.
  • The end customer provided the flue gas operating conditions and a dust sample was collected from a Bag Filter of a similar plant to determine the PM size distribution (Fig.2) and density.
  • The system was designed to reduce emissions by approximately 98% representing a decrease of dust concentration from 5600mg/Nm3 down to below 150mg/Nm3 with a pressure drop of 2.0kPa (Fig.3).

Design Basis

  • Fuel [Coal and palm shell]
  • Fly ash particle size distribution [Fig.2]
  • Gas flow temperature (ºc) [230]
  • Approximate effective flow rate (m3/h) [6972]
  • Normal flow rate (Nm3/h) [3595]
  • Inlet concentration (mg/Nm3) [5600]

System Specifications | Particle Emissions

  • Guaranteed emissions for coal fuel (mg/Nm3) [150]
  • Guaranteed emissions for palm shell fuel (mg/Nm3) [100]
  • Expected maximum emissions for coal fuel (mg/Nm3) [115]
  • Expected maximum emissions for palm shell fuel (mg/Nm3) [80]

General Arrangement

Results confirm that the ReCyclone MH achieves PM emissions below 150mg/Nm3  (legal limits), with an equipment which has lower investment costs. When compared with ESPs, and lower maintenance and operating costs. When compared to Bag Filters. As it is shown in the pictures, smoke is invisible.

Customer comments

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