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Red mud filtration - case study


Courtesy of Aqseptence Group GmbH

YEAR: 2010


N° and MACHINERY MODEL EMPLOYED: 1 GHT 1500.P7 MEM Diemme® Filtration

This company had to deal with ‘red mud’ disposal, coming from the Bayer Process of alumina production. The material is potentially very dangerous for the environment and the health of people living in close proximity to the refinery.

Before installing the Diemme® Filtration filter press, the red mud, containing caustic soda, was pumped to big tailing ponds where it was stored for years in a semi-liquid phase.

This solution, however, brought some problems such as:

  • Large area requirement (footprint);
  • The dangerous nature of these substances for the environment in case of pollution of the surrounding land or of the groundwater.

Bilfinger Water Technologies, with extensive experience in the red mud field since 2004, can project and realize a solution closer to the customer’s needs, respecting the short delivery time required by a particular urgent situation and guaranteeing high performance.

The filter press Diemme® Filtration, model GHT 1500, supplied by Bilfinger Water Technologies for the occasion, transforms the red mud into totally inert, solid cakes with a very low residual moisture content and avoids the stockpiling of liquid red mud in tanks or ponds, solving the environmental problem from the roots.

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