Redd+ Safeguards Information System (Sis): What Should Further Guidance Deliver?


Courtesy of Wetlands International

Addressing and respecting the Cancun social, environmental and governance safeguards is an undisputed REDD+ requirement. Countries must demonstrate they have complied with this requirement by submitting a summary of information from their Safeguards Information System (SIS) through National Communications and the Information Hub. However, exactly what should be included as a part of this REDD+ reporting requirement remains unclear. The REDD+ Safeguards Working Group (RSWG) submits that further guidance is needed to address the current gaps and provide greater clarity. This further guidance would particularly benefit least developed countries (LDCs) by helping them to access results based payments.

We believe there should be common reporting elements, which include: information about a country’s interpretation of the safeguards; information about governancerelated arrangements that are in place to ‘address’ the safeguards in the country; the degree to which each of the safeguards has been realized, and therefore ‘respected’; and the processes in place to ensure this implementation. Further guidance outlining, inter alia, common elements on which to provide information would assist REDD+ countries to implement safeguards equitably and effectively and contribute to climate mitigation from forests.

This submission sets out the context / background of SIS under the UNFCCC, then is divided into the following sections on further guidance and types of information: 1) Why further guidance is needed; 2) What further guidance should achieve; 3) Why common reporting elements are necessary; 4) What types of information should be provided in the summary; 5) How the process of preparing the summaries could be streamlined; and 6) Why the UNFCCC should provide guidance for assessing safeguards information to access funding and what it could include.

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