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REDmeters: Abstract
The process of controlling and the cost of monitoring slurries in many industries are normally accomplished using various continuous mass flow systems. These types of systems usually contain a magnetic flow meter and a line density meter. There is inherent cost associated to these systems due to the inaccurate nature of these meters. Some meters on the market boast up to ± 1% accuracy, but in practice, this accuracy can be typically ± 5 - 10%. In many applications, this can result in a large profit loss due to error and inaccuracy in the pipe.

The REDmeter provides an innovative new solution to measure the specific gravity of a slurry, sludge or liquid continuously flowing through a pipe in real time. Coupled with high repeat-ability, high accuracy and fast response time, the innovative design of the REDmeter can be used with multiple pipe diameters and in many applications.

The REDmeter has a three component system that allows high repeat-ability, high accuracy, and fast response time. The abrasion resistant liner and helical coil interior allow the system to withstand the abuse caused by many moving systems.

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