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Reduce costs while achieving an excellent and even compaction rate - Case Study


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Landfill operators want to achieve the best possible compaction rate with the least possible costs. This demands a lot from the compactors, especially a good compaction rate with the least amount of passes and minimal downtime. This was the situation where Sogliano Ambiente, an environmental engineering company located in Sogliano al Rubicone, Italy, chose Tana’s compactors over others for their facilities.

Sogliano Ambiente has four TANA compactors ranging from 27 to 45 tons in weight, the first of which has been in operation since 1997. They tested other brands as well, but chose TANA compactors because they could achieve a better compaction rate with less working hours. Tana’s compactors also had a very low downtime compared to other brands. Combined these mean savings for the company due to lower operating costs and low maintenance costs while still achieving the desired results.

Excellent compaction rate

The excellent compaction rate, that convinced Sogliano Ambiente is achieved combining a rigid frame with two full-width compaction drums. The rigid frame ensures that weight is distributed to the drums at all times and it also helps the machine to operate in slopes.

The full-width drums and compaction teeth compact waste with just one pass, where a four wheeled compactor would need several passes to compact the same area. Full-width drums prevent waste from escaping the pressure of the compactor. With Tana’s compactors, waste extrudes only from the sides of the drum, instead of both sides and between the wheels that happens with four wheeled compactors. This reduces the needed operating time and fuel costs.

Choosing the right compactor

One of the added benefits for Sogliano Ambiente was the ability to use Tana compactors to also spread the waste after it’s dumped to the site. Good traction gained as an added benefit of the full-width drums lets them use just one machine, where otherwise they would have needed a separate machine to first spread the waste to be compacted.

“When a landfill compactor performs its duties properly, it pays for itself over time. We have recommended Tana machines to our landfill visitors for several years due to the technical specs and results achieved in our experience.” Marco Antonini concludes.

According to the experiences of Sogliano Ambiente, the choice of the right landfill compactor is fundamental for a landfill. Here are the key factors in choosing the right compactor:

  1. Achieve the highest compaction ratio based of the type of waste that is incoming.
  2. Achieve the highest compaction ration in shortest possible time.
  3. Machine versatility: the ability of the machine to manage every type of waste.
  4. Safety and machine stability in all working conditions.
  5. Hydraulics and engine reliability to reduce machine downtime, reducing service costs.
  6. Electric and electronic reliability over time.

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