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Specialist waste management contractors, JK Environmental, expect to see a 70% reduction in waste to landfill volumes as a result of an investment in a new DMax waste reduction and recycling unit from County Tyrone company, CDE Ireland.

JK Environmental, one of the leading contractors to the industry in the UK and Ireland, operate from four depots in Coventry, Leicester, Cambridge and Ipswich. The DMax system is the latest addition to the large fleet of vehicles which includes tankers, jetters, CCTV and blockage units.

The new DMax unit will be used to process a variety of waste materials collected by JK Environmental during the course of their everyday operations. The waste reduction and recycling system will be used to separate grits and silts from waste water collected from their lagoon, lake and pond emptying services and will also be extensively used to treat waste from sewage treatment works.

JK Environmental currently have major contracts with a number of utility companies in the UK including Anglian Water, Thames Water and Severn Trent Water and the DMax system will be utilised for the separation of rag and plastics as well as grit materials from waste, considerably reducing waste to landfill volumes and costs.

“Our operations have traditionally involved sending a large volume of waste to landfill. The investment in this new system from CDE will reduce our waste to landfill volumes by 70%” explains Peter Maasz, Sales Director of JK Environmental.

Given the increasing costs of sending material to landfill, any system that can reduce volumes to this extent will have a significant impact on operational costs for any operators in the industry. With increasingly frequent discussions around targeting zero waste to landfill and every growing regulation of the method of disposal for different materials, the introduction of the DMax system by CDE is very timely.

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