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Reduction of Water Consumption and Pollution Load: A Raptis & Sons Pty Ltd


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 A. Raptis & Sons has introduced simple conservation measures to cut their water usage by up to 50%, saving the company some $40,000 per year and achieving a significant reduction in the pollution load on the sewer. Through these simple measures, the company was able to defer investment in the more expensive - although economically viable - option of treating and recycling water. This remains a potentially profitable option for the future.
Saving water conserves one of Australia’s most precious, scarce and increasingly expensive resources. It is a major goal of cleaner production.


A. Raptis & Sons processes and distributes seafood, operating a large prawn processing factory in Hindmarsh, Adelaide. It has 180 employees and an annual turnover of $65M. The major process is defrosting, cleaning, sorting and packaging of frozen prawns. Some fish processing is also done at the site.
The company evaluated its water usage with the assistance of the University of South Australia's Food Science and Technology Centre. The evaluation brief was to find water treatment and waste minimisation strategies that were commercially viable. Raptis obtained a grant for the project from the SA Environment Protection Agency, with support from Environment Australia.

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