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REDWAVE Metal Days 2015 - Review


The REDWAVE Metal Days, at BT-Wolfgang Binder in Gleisdorf, pro­vided the context for international experts from various sectors of the metal and aluminium recycling in­dustry to exchange information on markets, technologies and practical experience. In addition, the new REDWAVE XRF-M sorting system, for recycling in the metals sector, was presented to the participants.

The interest of the participants was very large and exceeded initial ex­pectations. International visitors, from 16 countries and 3 different continents, gained an overview of the metals recycling sector through presenta­tions and the demonstration of live sorting.

To kick-off the Metal Days, Mr. Joerg Schaefer (GDA - General Association of the Aluminium Industry e. V.) from Ger­many gave a current account of alu­minium recycling in Europe, with illustrations on trends and market outlook. He indicated that the de­mand for aluminium will rise in the coming years. „In future, some 20 percent of aluminium demand worldwide could also be covered by production from aluminium scrap. Aluminium recycling makes an im­portant contribution to conserving resources and reducing emissions. Therefore sorting technologies will gain in importance in the medium term. Economic considerations will be decisive in terms of the applica­tion of sorting technologies,“ noted Schaefer.

Picture: Joerg Schaefer (GDA - General Association of the Aluminium Industry e. V., Germany)

George Caia (Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas), from the Uni­ted States and one of REDWAVE‘s technology partners, gave a brie­fing on the various options in the field of detection technologies.

Picture: George Caia (Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, USA)

The presentation by Martin Weiss, looking at solutions for the recovery of secondary raw materials, inclu­ded a comparison between the latest sorting solutions for metal recovery and conventional methods and their limitations in recycling metals. A significant emphasis was given to the latest technologies in sorting techniques: REDWAVE XRF-M. 

REDWAVE XRF-M - the technology

The REDWAVE XRF-M analyses and evaluates materials based on their chemical composition utilising X-ray fluorescence. The REDWAVE XRF-M slide version is an evolution of the REDWAVE XRF belt design, which for many years has found successfully application worldwide for tasks such as sorting glass. The REDWAVE XRF-M is specifically designed for application to metals and combines the advantages of the proven XRF detection with those of the slide geometry. As a result, the variety of materials and the task set­tings for metal sorting are specifi­cally addressed. The sorting of metals can now be made to a level of purity and accuracy not previously possible.

In addition to the high throughput and purity, the flexible and versatile application options for sorting using XRF is a significant advantage over other sorting techniques such as ca­meras or X-ray transmission. The X-ray fluorescence technique is very versatile to use and is not limited to a material class or application. In contrast to other technologies, moi­sture, colour and surface impurities have no appreciable adverse effect on detection. Through the sorting processes high-purity metal fractions are generated, which can be sold di­rectly and profitably. The flexibility of the XRF screening technology allows instantaneous response to changes in the sorting processes. A variety of sorting steps may be carried out with the same machine in different pre-set sorting programs. 

Advantages of REDWAVE XRF technology:

  • Contaminated material does not affect the high sorting quality
  • Detection independent of colour (e.g. can even sort grey metals such as aluminium, zinc and stainless steel)
  • Sorting of diverse alloys (e.g. brass, bron­ze, and stainless steel, etc.)
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Highest purity at high throughput
  • Element specific detection and exact sorting of metal mixtures
  • No limits to sorting logic
  • Versatile applications for metals sorting (Zorba, Zurik, stainless steel etc.)
  • Sorting of metals to levels of accuracy not previously possible

Picture: Contaminated surfaces do not have an affecton the sorting quality

At this year‘s REDWAVE Metal Days, however, it was not just the theory that was emphasised, but also practical experience and live demonstrations. Harald Hirt of Anton Mayer GesmbH, a well-known Austrian recycling com­pany, reported on the results of the cooperation with REDWAVE. „The REDWAVE XRF-M slide technique is very suitable for metals and me­tal scrap as the elemental metals are detected reliably even at low concen­trations. There have been no major disruptions during the entire trial pe­riod,“ according to Harald Hirt. 

The second part of REDWAVE Metal Days was dedicated to live presen­tations, where the new generation of REDWAVE XRF sorting machines was presented to a broad-ranging professional audience. In the course of these live presentations, the versati­lity of the technology and the wide spectrum of applications was demon­strated in several different sorting steps. For example, the following sor­ting steps were demonstrated:

  • Separation of heavy metals from ZORBA scrap
  • Zincseparationfrom heavy me­tals
  • Separation of copper or brass from heavy metals
  • Aluminium sorting

Picture: High efficiency recovery of all metals as specified in ZORBA as well as sorting of aluminiumbased materials containing copper, zinc and iron

Picture:High efficiency recovery of all metals as specified in ZURIK

The event was an excellent opportunity for participants to bring themselves up to date on the developments in the field of metal and alumi­nium recycling.

The test machine is still avai­lable for sorting trials. To get an insight look of the quality of sorting and the sorting system itself, there is the op­portunity to test your own material in a sorting trial.

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