Redwave - separation of transparent and white HDPE


REDWAVE - sensor based sorting machines - optimise the separation of recyclable plastic materials:

Upon customer request the separation of transparent and white HDPE bottles has been realized for the first time in a sorting plant. It is a challenging task as hardly any difference can be detected in the colour spectrum between transparent and white bottles.

In spite of these challenging conditions, this type of sorting was successfully implemented with the REDWAVE sorting machines.

This process is already performed to the utmost satisfaction of the customer in England, HPR, Hanbury Plastic Recycling. Mr. Rick Devine, Managing Director of HPR: 'We are delighted with it!”


Hanbury Plastic Recycling Ltd. (UK) creates high quality plastic feedstock materials by sorting co-mingled commercial, industrial and post-consumer waste into separated polymer streams of high purity.


HPR Ltd. Process 40,000 tonnes/year of mixed kerbside collected plastic material.

HPR were looking for a solution to sort efficiently transparent HDPE (Milk bottles) from coloured HDPE including white, blue, red, etc. White HDPE in the transparent HDPE stream negatively affects the quality of the sorted fraction. The REDWAVE sorting machine working on near-infrared and colour detection can reliably separate the higher value transparent HDPE fraction from white HDPE and other colours.

The REDWAVE optical sorter is also used for an additional application of sorting PET high grade material (PET clear bottles) from PET low grade (PET trays, PET G,…) material in one pass.


The benefit for HPR is to be able to sort all these materials with only one 3-way REDWAVE machine over two shifts:

First shift:          HDPE transparent – HDPE colour – rest

Second shift:     PET high grade material – PET low grade material – rest

The REDWAVE sorting system sorts 5 to 6 tonnes per hour.


The big advantage of the REDWAVE 3-way-system is to sort 2 fractions with only one machine.

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