Reed canary grass report on shredding and briquetting tests case study


Courtesy of ASKET

Date: 13.10.2009
Place: ASKET, Biomass Division in Gniewkowo
Tested material: reed canary grass from Sweden rectangular bales 250kg, moisture content 13%
Technology: briquetting line BIOMASSER® MAXI-MULTI:

  • shredder TOMASSER® type RB505E18, screen 18 mm
  • two briquetting presses BIOMASSER® DUO type BS210

Reed canary grass was loaded onto the table, strings were removed and then the bale was moved to the shredder. We obtained very good quality chopped material with particles having sharp edges. The shredding process was fast and fluent.


  • Briquetting press BIOMASSER® DUO average output was 150 kg/h.
  • The briquette move was even, regular and the briquette itself was very well formed.
  • We gained very good quality briquettes.

Briquette Weight Comparison

  • Rough measurement of Reed canary grass briquettes bulk density was 620-650 kg/m3.
  • It is very high value with comparison to the briquettes from rye straw (cereal) which bulk density amounts about 450 kg/m3.
  • Reed canary grass briquettes bulk density is about 45%! higher than bulk density of rye (cereal) straw briquettes.


  • We received positive result of shredding reed canary grass in TOMASSER® technology and its briquetting in BIOMASSER® technology.
  • Results for reed canary grass:
  • shredding was very fast and we received high quality chopped material
  • the briquetting process was stable and BIOMASSER® DUO type BS210 average output was 150 kg/h briquettes
  • reed canary grass briquettes bulk density amounts 620-650 kg/m3 and it is higher by 45%! than rye (cereal) straw briquettes.

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