Refined style of leather case study


Courtesy of Kemira Water Solutions, Inc.

Leather shoes, jackets and accessories form the core of many outfits. Before turning into wearable products, leather undergoes a manyphased process including pickling, deliming and tanning.

Kemira’s formic acid has been used for many years in the production of soft, top quality leather. The totally biodegradable acid promotes the even absorption and fixation of dye, and helps to keep the leather free from harmful microbes.

Other products from Kemira’s portfolio also have their role in the procedure: a more even and rapid penetration of the tan can be achieved by using Kemira’s sodium acetate as the washing salt. Waterproofing of leather can be obtained with zinc acetate treatment. Manganese acetate can help to minimize the environmental impact of leather processing due to its ability to bind chromium compounds in the waste water.

So when you put on a pair of quality shoes, you can be fairly certain that Kemira’s products have played a part in their production.

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