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Refining the Cabral-Dahab Science Park Management Paradigm

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The Cabral—Dahab Science Park Management Paradigm is refined, taking into account research results presented in articles from a variety of countries. The ten points of the Cabral—Dahab Paradigm provide guidance for success of science parks as an interface between university and industry. The points refined include the type of market the park has access to, and the access to qualified research personnel, not just proximity to research-oriented institutions. Moreover, it has become clear that backing from dynamic government funding agencies may be a requirement only if the local university does not provide enough support. Finally, there are new arguments about the identity of the park. The presence of consulting firms has been confirmed as a crucial element for the science park's survival.

Keywords: science parks, global economy, innovation, science-based industry, research and development management, evaluation, university—industry relations, network theory, transaction costs, evaluation

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