Refractory materials grinding-Corundum alumina balls

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Refractory materials

Refractory refers to inorganic non-metallic materials whose temperature is above 1580 Celsius refractoriness. It includes natural ore and a variety of products made by a certain process with a certain purpose. Refractory materials enjoy a good mechanical behavior under high temperature, good volume stability, being the key material for a variety of high temperature equipment .

Refractory variety, usually divided according to the level of ordinary refractoriness refractory (1580 ~ 1770 Celsius), advanced refractories (1770 ~ 2000 Celsius) and grade refractory (above 2000 Celsius); divided by the chemical properties of acidic refractories, neutral and basic refractories. In addition, there are special occasions for refractories.

The use of refractories is very extensive, refractory bricks and powder are mostly used in today’s industry. Crusher and ball mill is required for the production of refractory materials to crush the refractory materials and grind to fine powder.

Thus, the refractory materials grinding needs our corundum alumina balls as the best choice for ball mill grinding media.

We, Zibo Union Co. are the official exporter of HuaMing Alumina Technology. We can supply high quality corundum alumina balls for refractory materials grinding.

92% alumina grinding balls
Density: 3.65g/cm3
Mohs hardness: 9
Color: wihite

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