Regenerative thermal oxidizer - Wastewater treatment facility


Courtesy of Epcon Industrial Systems, LP

Epcon has extensive experience in designing and building Air Pollution Control Systems for the Wastewater Treatment Industry.

The Problem

The water treatment plant could no longer have open storage tanks to store industrial wastewater from the refineries in the area. They were emitting VOC's from their open storage tanks and were required to reduce their VOC emissions by 98%.

The Process

The facility was using Aerobic treatment for the industrial waste water. Aerobic digestion is a bacterial process occurring in the presence of oxygen. Under aerobic conditions, bacteria rapidly consume organic matter in the wastewater tanks and convert it into carbon dioxide. They were unregulated before, so the storage tanks were open to atmosphere.

The Solution

Epcon installed two redundant 25,000 SCFM RTO's. Special design considerations were made and the system built to handle halogenated materials such as HF and HCl and silica. The system required unique materials for the metal, RTO media and insulation due to contact with these compounds. A liquid seal drum was installed instead of a standard flame arrestor to provide flashback protection.

The Benefits

They are now in compliance with state regulations and no longer emitting VOC's.

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