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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer + Zeolite Wheel for VOC Emissions Abatement - Case Study


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Case Study: “Heceygo Project”

Ehaust Air Treatment

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer For Voc Emissions Treatment

The Technical Solution For Large Air Flows With Low Solvent Concentrations



PROJECT SIZE: 40,000 Nm3/h

TYPE OF INDUSTRY: Auxiliary Automotive (Painting)

LOCATION: Vitoria, Spain

TECHNOLOGY USED: Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator + Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

COMPLETION DATE: December 2008


Tecam Group Technology used in this project:
Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator + Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO):
The solution for large air flows with low solvent concentrations

The Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator + Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is currently the most suitable technology to treat large air flows containing low solvent concentrations. Versatile and adaptable, it can be used for air flows ranging from 40,000 to 500,000 m3/h. It is the perfect solution for production processes in the painting and finishing applications industry.


1. Technical Needs & Requirements

This Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator + Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) system was installed at Heceygo, an auxiliary automotive painting company in Vitoria, northern Spain, to treat Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC emissions derived from their production process. Heceygo, due to their main activity, used to generate large VOC emissions, which needed to be eliminated in order to respect emission limits established by environmental laws.

The project commenced when Heceygo contacted Tecam Group to look for technology equipment to satisfy their needs in terms of VOC emissions abatement. After moving to new facilities in 2008, Heceygo decided to focus on improving the quality of their processes, as well as reducing environmental impact, in particular VOC emissions. Heceygo was looking for a reliable supplier, who could manage the whole project, from the design, assembly and installation, to the start-up and maintenance service.

2. The Solution Installed

The equipment installed at Heceygo consists of a Zeolite Rotor-concentrator together with a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer unit. The basic operating principle of the Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator equipment is the VOC abatement by adsorption process. The adsorption takes place using a porous material called Zeolite.

The Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator equipment is always installed along with a posterior oxidation system (the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) to oxidize the flow of concentrated air previously sent from the concentrator. The aim is to send an air flow between 15 to 20 times lower than the initial volume to be treated, with a sufficient VOC concentration for the purification equipment to be auto-thermal. That air flow will then pass on to the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, where it will be treated and VOCs will be eliminated through an oxidation process.

The air flow to be treated in the 3-tower RTO was of 3,000 m3/h and the concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds was in the interval of 5-7 g/m3. The RTO unit reaches an auto-thermal point at a concentration of 1.2 g/m3. In this sense, the system guarantees a very low energy consumption. The 3 towers guarantee the perfect control, thanks to oxidation, of VOC concentrated also in the inversion phases of towers, and it avoids emission peaks, typical in 2-tower systems. The whole process is managed by tailor-made software.

3. The Result Obtained

Thanks to Tecam Group’s environmental technology, it was possible to reduce the Volatile Organic Compound VOC emissions from Heceygo’s production site to levels below the legislation limits.

“The VOC emission treatment unit installed at Heceygo – states Mr. Borja Maestro, Technical Director at Tecam Group– offers the complete guarantee that the air issued into the atmosphere after the treatment is 99% VOC-free. That, together with a very low energy demand, which implies especially moderate management costs, makes this equipment the perfect solution to solve the Industry’s VOC emissions treatment needs.”

Emissions issued into the atmosphere by Heceygo keep constant values under the current most restrictive law limits in Europe, which allows them to comply with environmental laws in force.

The project was successfully finalized in December 2008 and the exhaust air treatment unit has been working satisfactorily ever since.


Large Air Volumes from 40,000 to 500,000 m3/h

Low Solvent Concentrations

Ideal for Painting application processes


Low Operating Cost

Low Gas and Electricity Consumption

Cost-effective Implementation in Comparison with Other Purification Technologies

Low Annual Maintenance Cost

Customer Testimonial:

“We are very pleased to have Tecam Group as our supplier for environmental technology solutions. They install the latest technology and provide only high quality components from top-tier brands in their Thermal Oxidizers for VOC treatment. We highly value their flexibility to meet our technical needs, their fast response and excellent maintenance service. Tecam Group is a reliable partner to trust when it comes to reducing Volatile Organic Compound emissions from your production site. In our case, we reduced our emissions significantly and the equipment has been working perfectly since 2008.”

Mr. René Martínez, CEO of Heceygo

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