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Regional critical infrastructure assessment: Kansas City

The National Infrastructure Protection Plan defines 18 critical infrastructure and key resources sectors assigned to nine various sector-specific agencies charged with the protection of that component of infrastructure (2009). This breakdown by the NIPP scratches the surface in terms of illustrating the high level of vulnerability existing in our country; however, there is still a lot of work needed to understand how these sectors interact with each other and more specifically at the regional level. The analysis in this paper begins with the selection of a region and investigation of sectors of infrastructure seemingly critical to that area. Narrowing the focus of assessing criticality to a single region, this paper applies a methodology to quantify the most critical aspect of a region's infrastructure. Lastly, the components investigated are arranged in a nodal diagram using organisational risk analyser software for analysis of their interdependencies.

Keywords: Kansas City, key resources, critical criteria, network analysis, regional analysis, USA, critical infrastructures, United States, CIKR, vulnerability, regional infrastructure, risk assessment

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