Regional Ground Water Level Monitoring in Germany


Courtesy of ribeka GmbH - Groundwater Management

Reference Project: Regional Ground Water Level Monitoring, Germany

ribeka is responsible for monitoring the ground water levels within an area of over 4.000 km2 in the western German province of North Rhine-Westphalia. Within this densely populated area that comprises many large cities (e.g. Cologne and Bonn) as well as Europe’s biggest brown coal open mining site, extensive ground water extraction is being carried out by the mining company RWE Power and a number of drinking water suppliers. Therefore, it is of great importance to monitor the development of the ground water levels within this area.

ribeka regularly monitors the ground water levels of over 2.400 wells in the project area using state-of-theart equipment, such as PDAs equipped with the software GW-Mobil® for mobile data acquisition and readout of data loggers. With help of the ground water management software GW-Base® the ground water level data is spatially and statistically evaluated in order to gain a full understanding of the development of the
local ground water resource.

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