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Regional intelligence: distributed localised information systems for innovation and development

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Technological information is recognised as an important factor shaping regional systems of innovation and innovative regions. However, little has been written on how regions set up and manage this vital resource. This paper focuses on regional intelligence: distributed information systems localised over a region allowing continuous update and learning on technologies, competitors, markets, and the environment. We start by defining regional intelligence with respect to the concepts of business intelligence, organisational, and collective intelligence. We look at a number of case studies and experiences gained in the context of EU regional innovation and regional economic strategies, which highlight early forms of regional intelligence. We examine the fundamental information modules making up regional intelligence, including, R&D dissemination, technology and market watch, company benchmarking and competition analysis, regional foresight, and regional performance. We discuss the integration of distributed information systems and solutions which may be given to consolidate public content applications with the internal information systems of companies, and the role of information integration in the continuous making and remaking of innovative regions.

Keywords: regional intelligence, organisational intelligence, collective intelligence, distributed intelligence, innovative regions, regional innovation systems, regional benchmarking, regional observatories, regional foresight, information integration, technological information, distributed information systems

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