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Regulation and CO
mitigation efforts in the transport industry

It has been observed that environmental concerns at both individual and corporate levels are vital in shaping corporate environmental efforts. The rate and extent of firms' responses to environmental issues are in part determined by the existence or introduction of regulation. In this study, the impact of regulatory uncertainty and how it is managed are identified and examined. Our paper analyses a survey of 105 Australian transport firms. The results tend to confirm the high degree of regulatory uncertainty in the Australian transport industry. Further, these data indicate that managers of transport companies utilise a wide range of actions to cope with this uncertainty. The findings suggest that the higher the level of uncertainty, the broader the range of measures that managers will apply to cope, and the more actively managers will manoeuvre to deal with the uncertainty.

Keywords: corporate environmental efforts, regulatory uncertainty, transport firms, regualtion, carbon mitigation, carbon dioxide, CO2, Australia, environmental pollution

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