Regulatory compliance case study


Courtesy of EFI Global, Inc.

Service performed:
Developed a Task Notification System (TNS) for 11 facilities in the U.S.

As a proud partner of a leading manufacturing of glass, our experts have provided ongoing environmental support services since 2004, with particular focus on environmental compliance and ongoing management of recurring environmental tasks. In order to effectively manage environmental compliance at multiple facilities, our experts were engaged to develop a centralized web-based system that would assign environmental tasks and track completion of each task. EFI Global began by developing and distributing pre-visit questionnaires (PVQs) to the manufacturing plants to identify potential environmental regulation gaps. Site visits were then conducted to view site operations, collect environmental documents, and interview personnel. Based on our data collection efforts, our team created site-specific applicable requirements tables for each facility. Tables were based on area of environmental regulations (i.e., air, waste, water, etc.) and included local, state and federal requirements. A key feature of the tables was the identification of requirements that were associated with recurring tasks (i.e. monthly inspection).

Our team worked with client contacts to identify plant personnel that performed specific tasks, and when those tasks required completion. Once the data was populated into the custom built Task Notification System (TNS), the web-based system automatically sent e-mails to personnel when it was time to complete an environmental task. The e-mail included a link to a task description and associated documents (i.e., inspection form). Once a task is completed, employees were required to log into the TNS to mark the task complete. This gave plant management the ability to quickly view the status on all required tasks in the system. Our team’s efforts helped to identify potential compliance gaps, train employees concerning regulatory compliance, and establish a central storage location for environmental documents. The result was a customized web-based system that allowed our client to quickly and easily track environmental tasks required to meet environmental compliance.

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