Regulatory management simplified with enterprise compliance management

The majority of environmental agencies are faced with ever-increasing and rigorous regulatory requirements, compounded by multiple stakeholders and business processes. These regulatory requirements impact resources as agencies are asked to ‘do more with less’, all with reduced staffing levels and budgets while facing increased environmental management requirements. Stretched to the limits, oversights and omissions cause missed regulatory deadlines, exceeded limits or facility excursions. What should be procedural exception-handling are now out-of-control internal disruptions, external fines or operational penalties. As unattended regulatory issues backlog, the organization’s performance levels spiral downward under the additional burden of investigations, resolutions, workarounds and corrective actions.

Compliance managers spend countless hours rushing to meet compliance deadlines while they gather information from multiple sources, locate documents, seek compliance updates or coordinating tasks from various agency resources. Oftentimes, unresolved compliance issues begin a domino effect of decreases in service efficiencies and system quality. How can an agency meet all their regulatory compliance issues and preserve a quality of service?

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