Reinforced track sub-ballast overview - Case Study


Courtesy of Presto Geosystems


The Geoweb system is a proven technology for solving challenging soil stabilization problems common in the railroad industry. Railway engineers worldwide have successfully applied the Geoweb cellular confinement technology to 1) provide a high-stiffness roadbed foundation at grade under track, crossings and turnouts, particularly in areas of weak soils, 2) eliminate deterioration from sloughing and spreading of embankment slopes and 3) stabilize drainage channels.

THE Cost benefits of the solution

The Geoweb system stabilizes the subballast layer, reducing vertical and lateral stresses and significantly reducing subsoil movement. Stabilization within the system produces a longer lasting roadbed profile that extends rail and track-work component service life, while significantly reducing track maintenance cycles and cost. The cost-benefit ratio is high because of its overall flexibility and low-cost installation rate. Long-term test results and successful applications worldwide confirm the benefits of the Geoweb system.

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