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Reisswolf looks to secure further expansion

German data security service provider Reisswolf is celebrating its 21st anniversary this year. Already represented in 18 countries, the Euro 50 million-plus turnover business is setting its sights on expansion into Asia, America and Australia. In addition to providing data destruction services, Reisswolf has also developed substantial expertise in the field of archiving.

Founded in 1985, German company Reisswolf claims to be one of Europe’s first data security service providers. By last year, the Reisswolf Group was being represented in 18 countries by a total number of 49 partners consisting of more than 900 employees. It was servicing some 66 000 clients - including 1500 customers in other countries - and had an annzual turnover of Euro 51 million.  The volume of data disposed of by the group totalled 165 000 tonnes.  Reisswolf offers a pick-up and delivery service using special security containers. In addition, Reisswolf uses its knowledge and experience to offer its customers workshops on the complex subject of data protection and data security. At these events, presentations are made on practical methods of efficient data protection.

As well as being a market leader in data destruction, Reisswolf has also developed its role as a service provider in the archiving of files. Offering its customers external and high-security archiving in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, the service includes next-to-file enquiries, administration/maintenance of the archive, and prompt destruction following the expiry of record-keeping periods.

Security truck

Reisswolf has developed an innovative truck to help achieve the highest possible levels of security during the pick-up stage. Containers are emptied within a hermetically-sealed area of the truck on the customer’s own premises. The truck is then opened by remote control as soon as it arrives at the site’s safety sluice. Using this procedure, confidential data go direct to the shredder unseen.

The latest models of custom-built security containers exclusive to Reisswolf are protected against unauthorised access by an electronic locking device - known as the E-Lock System - which allows the user to monitor when the containers are being opened. Using a Reisswolf security card, the customer can program every single container according to his or her wishes.

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