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With a host of top-notch red light units on the market and a body of proven science behind them, now is the time for salon owners to embrace adding red light therapy to their service menus! And lighting the way for this “red light revolution” is none other than veteran sunlamp maker, Light Sources, Inc.

Light Sources, Inc. is the proud manufacturer of Rejuvenessence collagen fluorescent lamps. Emitting visible red light in the 590-650 nanometer range, these lamps are used in skin treatments to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And while LSI is certainly proud of this accomplishment, the company is even more passionate about red light therapy, as a whole. That’s because they know that this approach to skincare actually works – they’ve participated in tests that have proven its effectiveness. And, the folks at LSI also know that red light therapy can be a season-less revenue generator. All salon owners need to do is be willing to tap into this billion-dollar anti-aging market sector!

LSI knows red light therapy – the sunlamp maker helped pioneer its entrance into the indoor tanning industry. “When we first got into red light therapy, not many people in the tanning industry were familiar with the science behind it, so no one was manufacturing units to utilize these lamps,” said Karl Platzer, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing. “We did not become discouraged by this, however; instead, we continued with our development of the Rejuvenessence lamps because we could see the enormous potential that red light therapy had for this industry. Many leading equipment manufacturers have seen this too, and now, red advertoriallight therapy is exploding!” Although Light Sources does not sell the red lamps directly to salons, a wide variety of equipment is now available to the industry through various equipment manufacturers, including ESB, Heartland Tanning, JK-North America, KBL and ProSun.

The folks at LSI believe in red light therapy so much, the company partnered with Dr. Ferenc Gódor, a well known Hungarian dermatologist to conduct a 2010 skin rejuvenation study using collagen fluorescent lamp technology. The results, while astounding, did not surprise Platzer or anyone else at LSI. Eighteen subjects with fine facial lines or wrinkles used a 32-lamp collagen bed twice per week for 10 weeks, at 20 minutes per session. The treatments took place at Gódor’s clinic, where doctors examined each subject’s results and documented them. “Dr. Gódor’s first finding was that, after about four sessions, a positive change in the subjects’ skin condition occurred,” sells itself. Our team and our many OEM equipment partners are taking phone calls all day long from tanning salon owners wanting to know how to get started!”

LSI wants salon owners considering red light therapy to be aware of one crucial factor – selling these services is not like selling UV tanning. “Red light can do some amazing things in terms Platzer said. “Elasticity increased and skin was noticeably moisturized and softened. At the end of the trial, all subjects reported that they were satisfied with their results.” The results of Dr. Gódor’s study can be downloaded on Light Sources’ website.

Of all the great potential that red light therapy has to offer, Karl Platzer believes that this is merely the beginning. “In five to ten years, red light could be much bigger within the indoor tanning market and outside it, as well,” he said. “Tanning professionals all across the U.S. and Canada are offering this in their salons and they’re doing very well with it – all it took was for people to become familiar with the concept, and now it practically of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but the results people are looking for won’t be achieved with just one session,” said Gene Czako, Light Sources Sales Engineer. “Of the many things we learned from Dr. Gódor’s study was that to obtain the maximum benefit, clients must be able to commit to a long-term program – this means coming to your salon for 20-minute sessions, two to three times a week for about 10 weeks. We’ve been informing salon owners and staff to be up-front with potential clients about this so they can make an informed decision about red light therapy. Those who choose to try it and stick with the program will definitely see results with time, and they’ll be hooked!”

The skincare results from red light therapy appeal to nearly anyone looking for anti-aging treatments, and this phenomenon is not restricted to any specific “season.” LSI’s Rejuvenessence lamps and the OEM products built to utilize them have created the means for salons to capture new clientele and increase their revenue.

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