Relining with corrugated steel pipe, Mississauga, ON


Courtesy of Armtec

Owner: Ministry of Transportation, Ontario
Consultant: Morrison Hershfield
Contractor: Underground Services Limited
Location: Mississauga, Ontario

With over 320,000 vehicles per day the intersection of Highways 401, 403 and 410 in Mississauga, Ontario, is one of the busiest in North America. At the same location can be found the confluence of several drainage paths, all of which are channelled into one major storm drain, which then passes beneath the intersection through a single storm sewer pipe.

Built in 1974, this 3050mm concrete storm sewer was showing severe signs of pre-mature deterioration. For several years, the concrete sewer had been cracking; joints had been separating and corrosion of the reinforcing steel and subsequent spalling of the concrete from the interior pipe walls was becoming a major concern.

The owner, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario recognized that the storm sewer had to be rehabilitated. Replacement was impractical, if not impossible, due to its location under one of the busiest highways in Canada.

The decision was made to re-line the existing structure to extend its life. The consulting engineer, Morrison Hershfield was charged with finding a liner system that would accommodate the anticipated structural loading and up to 90mm of pipe deflection. In addition the solution demanded unusual physical constraints due to the condition of the existing culvert. Whatever solution was chosen would need to be installed with a minimum reduction in hydraulic capacity.

Numerous options were examined that were all variations of Corrugated Steel Pipe. Multi-Plate®, Tunnel Liner Plate® and various corrugations, gauges and coatings of Hel-Cor® Corrugated Steel Pipe were considered. The objective was to find a solution that would meet the load and deflection requirements, maximize the inside diameter and satisfy the hydraulic conditions.

Various solutions were eliminated on the basis of corrugation profile.

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