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Removal of sludge deposits from the floor of a lagoon case study


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Massive fat oil and grease sludge deposits on the floor of the lagoon were contaminating the lagoon in the following pictures. The depth of these deposits was such that they were protruding through the surface of the water. The customer required their removal. The surface aerator installed for the purposes of mixing and oxygenation can be seen in the picture. In order to deal with these deposits it was necessary to induce movement and oxygen into the water prior to adding Bio-Systems Europe bacteria Product EU40. EU40 is designed to breakdown fats oils and greases.

The sludge lifted to the surface of the lagoon by the action of the surface aerator. At this point EU40 was added to the body of the water.

The lagoon after completion of treatment. Bacteria in EU40 have oxidized the sludge deposits. The aerator has been left in place so that it and regular dosing of EU40 keep the lagoon in first class condition.

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