LG Sonic

Remove algae and biofilm from cooling tower basins - Case Study

Courtesy of LG Sonic

Possibilities & Expectations of the LG Sonic for cooling tower treatment:

  • LG Sonic devices control the bacterial population in cooling tower systems by severely inhibiting biofilm formation. This provides a large market potential in cooling water treatment applications.
  • It is well known that Legionella bacteria propagate by reproducing within a larger organism like parasites, cyanobacteria etc. Biofilm reduction in these systems by ultrasonic treatment lowers the probability of Legionella, because there is no suitable host present for the bacterium.
  • Air conditioning small cooling towers (100-1000 USRT) are easily treated by ultrasonic treatment. Larger more complex towers will require multiple units for coverage.
  • Ultrasound treatment impact on reduced biofilm growth can significantly reduce overall chemical treatment costs.