Remove starch from your diet


Courtesy of CETCO Energy Services

CETCO Oilfield Services LiquiSorb™ 200 provides solidification cost savings program over normal wastewater treatment and haul off.

Using LiquiSorb 200 allows wastewater treatment plants with significant levels of high starch solids to reduce the amount of chemicals being used in their treatment processes. The use of LiquiSorb 200 encapsulates solids and fixates hazardous components into a safe, non-leachable sludge that can easily be disposed.

Solidifying the high solids at the point of generation greatly reduces problems in the wastewater treatment area. Research into the problem of high starch solids indicated that many water treatment plants experience excessive starch buildup at the bottom of their tanks after equalization tanks lose agitation. The additional solids also provide problems in the sludge handling process. Additionally, the presence of high starch solids can encourage the growth of microbes which produce strong unpleasant odors and increased BOD. CETCO Oilfield Services LiquiSorb 200 can be used to solidify the starch at the point of buildup. Using normal wastewater chemical treatment, plant operators typically have to adjust the chemical dosage rate depending on the volume of solids transferred into the treatment tank. The greater the volume of buildup in the treatment tank, the greater the volume of chemical usage. With LiquiSorb 200 there is significant reduction in process time and labor cost. With LiquiSorb 200, high concentrations of starch can now simply be sent directly into totes for the solidification process and disposed of through the same roll off that the wastewater treatment system sludge takes.

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