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Removing heavy iron deposits improves effluent output and Decreases costs - Case Study


Courtesy of Hydro Quip, Inc. (HQI)

The Problem

At a local manufacturing facility, ground water pumped with #6 oil was heavily impacted with iron deposits. Heated water and product was being pumped into the existing oil water separator, but the iron fouling the unit and the downstream carbon filter and dry well limited flow. Frequent carbon replacement was required and was very costly.

The Solution

Hydro Quip, Inc. provided a pilot Clarification Separator (model CS-10) to reduce the iron in the system. Clarification Separators have been used very successfully in heavy equipment washing applications for many years. The inclined plate section removes heavy solids and gross oil, and the separation chamber is very efficient for removing the remaining free oil.

The Results

Prior to the pilot CS-10, the system was able to treat and pump into the dry well at only 1,200 gallons of effluent per day, due to the dry well overfilling with iron deposits. Since installation of the Clarification Separator, the customer has more than doubled his effluent output per day with no backup.

Visual inspection of the effluent does not show as much precipitated iron deposits as opposed to the past. Effluent monitoring prior to carbon treatment shows TPH levels have dropped from approximately 30,000 ppb to around 3,500 ppb with no noticeable oil globules.

This has extended the life of the carbon drums and bag filter system, which is projected to save a significant amount of money over the year.

Hydro Quip's innovate oil water separators have achieved far superior results, never before possible with other pretreatment equipment.

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