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Renewable natural gas regional market assessment case study


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In 2010, MJB&A completed a report for a major electric and natural gas utility on the state of the renewable natural gas (“green gas”) markets in the US. For the purposes of the analysis, “green gas” refers to gas that is cleaned, compressed and sold into the pipeline for distribution and use by natural gas customers. The report provided an overview of environmental markets in the US, to evaluate the U.S. green gas market specifically, and to explore options for the utility to develop its green gas business within the context of the relevant policies. The utility is currently developing its strategy to produce and merchandise pipeline-quality natural gas from non-fossil-based sources such as municipal wastewater and landfills. In order to do this effectively, the utility relied on MJB&A to develop a knowledgebase for senior executives around sustainable gas and the markets through which sustainable gas and its environmental attributes may be sold.

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